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Here are the components inside this amazing tool! {Now available in PRINT TOO!}

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks©


Take a peek inside The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks and discover how the power of movement can help your children focus and learn!

Who is this book for anyways?

√ Parents

√  Homeschool Parents

√  Classroom Teachers

How I Got Here

What are Brain Breaks?

Why Movement Matters

√  Enhances the Vestibular System

√  Promotes Bilateral Integration

√  Activates the Cerebellum

√  Gives an Important Oxygen Boost

When to Utilize Them

√  Electric Children and My Discharge Theory

√  Not Just for Kids

√  Long-Term Goals

How to Implement Them

The Ultimate Brain Breaks Collection – 60 brain breaks with detailed instructions and pictures.

√  Blood Pumping Brain Breaks

√  Mental Focus Brain Breaks

√  Imagination Inspiring Brain Breaks

√  Supplies Needed Brain Breaks

One of the brain breaks detailed in the ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks! {}


Four beautiful, ready to print, cut, and use pages with these 60 different brain break exercises.  {Already printed, ready to cut-and-go in the paperback edition!}

Sample page from The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks - an important tool for every parent to help their children improve focus and learning!