About the Author

Heather Haupt lived and breathed brain breaks long before she drafted her book. As a child, Heather was quite active, and her mom resorted to utilizing all kinds of movement to help her learn better. Growing up, Heather was fascinated by the human body, specifically the brain-body connection. From her time spent in a neurophysiology research lab at ASU to her experiences teaching preschoolers all the way up to college students, she has continued to explore the intersection of movement and learning.

Now as a homeschool mother of four, Heather regularly applies her research and crafts opportunities that maximize learning, retention, and focus. She blogs about intentional parenting, inspired learning, and integrated living at HeatherHaupt.com. She has a new book coming out –  Knights in Training:Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys (May 2017, Penguin-Random House).

Heather Haupt author of The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks