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Bubba has a very short attention span and just seems to have pants full of ants when it’s time to get schoolwork done. Making the switch to Charlotte Mason has helped a lot but he still needs to get up and move around during the day.  This is where Heather’s book comes in handy. She has complied a wonderful and fun list of ways to get your body moving and blood pumping back to your brain to help you focus on school work. My boys love the activities listed in the book and I love that it really help us get the wiggles out and refocus on our day. LaToya from LaToyaEdwards.net

Taking brain breaks is going to become a vital part of our homeschool day, I can already tell. My kids were thrilled to get “a break” and for me to know that the science behind WHY it is good for us…makes me more eager and willing to give those breaks that we all need!!  Candace at His Mercy is New {full review}

I love how Heather talks about how are brains are like a computer screen and if left unused for a few moments, they go to “sleep”. Even though the computer is still on , its not working very well for you if its asleep!  Think about that! Jennifer from Godly Glimpses {full review}

The past week we have been using brain breaks to help distract from unwanted behaviors and calm tantrums.  The added physical activity really calms them down and puts very little stress on me. This book could not have come at a better time for us.Jenn, writing about homeschooling and ADHD at Upside Down Kids {full review}

I knew this ebook would be a great addition to my resources as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and new mom. She not only explains why she decided to include Brain Breaks in her children’s day, but also the science behind it! Bilateral Coordination, the vestibular system, the cerebellum, all are important parts of learning. Movement includes all of these important brain functions and improves learning! Brain Breaks are perfect for any child no matter if they have learning issues, sensory issues, or are just getting that glazed over look during their school work!  Heather from Golden Reflections {full review}

We will be implementing these brain breaks in our daily routine! They are perfect for those moments when mental focus starts to fade…just declare “BRAIN BREAK!” and grab a card from the jar. Gabby from The Work of Childhood {full review}